Here Are All the Details You Need to Start Losing Weight and Feeling Great

The "Lose 5 in 5" Basic Package Includes the Following:

  • 1 week's supply of IasoTea
  • Clark Bartram's Fat Flush Diet and exercise tips
  • 6 highly motivating, daily video e-mails from Clark

By following this easy system—complete with quality products and excellent guidance and training—you'll see how easy 
it is to lose 5 pounds in 5 days!

ORDER NOW! the Basic Package is just $5.00!
14 days after your order, you’ll start receiving monthly supplies of IasoTea automatically to maintain your weight loss. 
The monthly auto shipments are just $39.95 plus shipping, and you may cancel at any time.

If You're Really Serious about Your Health and Fitness, 
Upgrade to the "Lose 5 in 5" Premium Package

The Premium Package is a true "system", complete with everything you will need to ensure positive and lasting results:

ORDER NOW! the Premium Package is just $108.00.
14 days after your order, you’ll start receiving monthly supplies of IasoTea, IasoSlim, and NutraBurst automatically to maintain your weight loss and improve your fitness. The monthly auto shipments are just $99.00 plus shipping, and you may cancel at any time.


IasoTea is a special blend of safe, natural herbs that facilitates gentle cleansing of the whole body with continued use. It’s also a great source of colon-enhancing enzymes, which we used get from food but are destroyed by modern processing and pasteurization techniques.


IasoSlim dietary supplement is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients, designed to give you energy and turn off your hunger switch. 


Nutra Burst
This liquid multivitamin and mineral supplement gives you all the nutrition you need in a single tablespoon each day:
72 Minerals 
12 Herbs 
19 Amino Acids 
22 Phytonutrients
13 Whole Food Greens
Ellagic Acid 
Multi-fiber complex

Clark Bartram's Fat Flush Diet
This easy to follow, delicious program will flush the fat without your feeling hungry or getting irritable. 


TLC's Guide to Success
Learn the difference between a "good carb" and a "bad carb," a "good protein" and a "bad protein," and a "good fat” and a “bad fat" in this easy to follow guide that will make you a nutrition expert. You’ll also learn why many other diets fail, and a valuable Goal Setting Worksheet will help you increase the odds of your success. On top of it all, Clark Bartram will show you how your newfound physique can be a powerful source of residual income, in addition to health and vitality.


CoreAerobics DVD
Clark Bartram's one-of-a-kind in-home workout will save you hundreds of dollars on health club membership fees. Anyone from beginner to  advanced athlete is guaranteed to get an excellent workout while having fun exercising with Clark and his team. 


TLC Fit Club
Our own social networking site lets you connect with other people who are staying in shape and earning money with TLC. Watch videos, make friends, and attend live streaming events that are hosted around the world. 


Motivational Videos
Clark will motivate you through your initial 5-day journey with short, fun, and engaging videos. And if you stick with the program, Clark will regularly appear in your email inbox to keep you on track! It's rare that you’ll find such a personal approach to fitness without hiring a personal trainer for hundreds of dollars—and you’ve got access to “America’s Most Trusted Fitness Professional”!


Accountability Calls
You'll also receive free weekly accountability calls with Clark Bartram and special guests. These calls are designed to keep you motivated, inspired, and educated on how to maintain your health and earn extra income. Without a doubt, accountability is the key to success in all your fitness and personal endeavors.

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