anita"Even though I don't necessarily want Clark to help me all that much (familiarity breeds contempt as they say) I have benefited from his wisdom, passion, and desire to help people become their best both physically and mentally. I've also witnessed him help hundreds of people (seriously) over the past twenty years of being married to him. If you want someone who really puts 100% into helping you, I must admit Clark is your guy."

-Anita Bartram
Clark's wife of twenty years

steve"Clark knew exactly how to motivate me, and direct me to my goal. His meal plan was easy to follow and the results speak for themselves. I'm still headed towards a bigger goal, but you can clearly see I am headed in the right direction."


cm"I called my son Clark (and yes because I'm his Mom I'm going to say nice things) and he helped me with a very personal and embarrassing situation. I happen to be on many prescription medications that all have me constipated and NOTHING helps. I called Clark in desperation and he mentioned something about some Tea he was selling in a company he has and offered to send me some to see if it would help. Now I'm not talking a few days, I hadn't had a bowel movement in 30 days and I was resorting to very disturbing things to relieve my pain. Now what I am about to tell you is the God's honest TRUTH, After 2 days of drinking this IasoTea, I had a bowel movement and I've had them consistently ever since as long as I drink the tea. I didn't do this 5in5 plan, I just drank the tea and I have to tell you IT WORKS!!! I even lost weight, for obvious reasons, I was full of (you know what) Anyway, do yourself a favor and try the tea and you can seriously trust my son. My biggest enjoyment in life is when random people call me and tell me how giving, kind and compassionate my boy is. Yes he is handsome, fit and good to look at but his best personality trait is the genuine love he has for people of all walks of life."

~Linda Bartram

taylor"I did my Dad's program and it really did work for me. It's hard for me to listen to him sometimes (well, pretty much all the time) when it comes to fitness, but I experienced first hand how effective his programs really are. To be totally honest, for a long time I didn't know what my Dad did for a living. I knew he modeled in magazines, spoke around the country in prisons and stuff but I've never seen him go to a job, Now I totally understand what he does and why he does it. He will sit for hours in front of the computer answering e-mails, doing calls and it all revolves around helping people get healthier and that really makes me proud, especially when my friends come to him for help. He knows his stuff and is ALWAYS willing to give his two cents...trust me I know."

~Taylor Bartram

kim"I am a busy mom of 4. I've always worked hard to keep my pre-pregnancy figure, however, I recently went through a 2 year period where I lost my motivation and sadly, slowly began to get out of shape. Fortunately, a few months ago, I learned about Iaso tea and fat burner. It was the combination of taking these products and following Clark Bartram's health and fitness tips that helped me get back in amazing shape in record time. I had great energy and renewed motivation for my workouts, plus my stomach instantly got flatter as the tea helped cleanse and regulate my body. Currently I am leaner and in better shape than I have ever been as a result of following this plan to the tee. If you want results and results fast like I did, these products are a must. PLUS you get to learn from someone who KNOWS how to help you get in shape! What a no brainer!"


tm"I am a mother of 4 (had my 4th child 5 years ago) and a grandmother of 4. As a Practitioner, Nutritionist, and Formulator I have worked with a lot of products.  I am very skeptical and particular about the products I endorse and use.  I had good nutrition, exercised and use the Iaso tea and Iaso slim as part of an eight week transformation program that I did.  My results were 15 pounds and 10% body fat loss.  With fifty being just a few years away, I am in the best shape of my life."

Michelle LeSueur
Author of "Willing to Change! Can You Beat Genetics?"

mcd"Clark is a very rare person when it comes to his desire to help others achieve better health through fitness. I've been a client/friend for about 6 years now and he constantly impresses me with his passion to reach out to others. He is a professional in every sense of the word, compassionate and knows how to help you get results. After all, he has helped me, and Oh by the way...the IasoTea really works too!"

~Michael Crews

"After my third child I thought I would never get my flat stomach back. I asked who could help me and I was referred to Clark's System. He taught me a few simple things that I could do in and out of the gym and I'm seeing great results. It amazes me how the human body can bounce back after being pregnant 3 times."

� Stephanie, San Marcos, CA

dm"As a chiropractor I am very careful about the people and programs I recommend, but I'm always more than happy to refer anyone Clark and his training programs. I've known him for 25 years, stood up in his wedding, watched his children grow up and personally seen him positively affect the lives of many people...mine included. You can trust Clark and what he says, he is a passionate and caring person that knows how to help you get in shape."

— Dr. Mark, San Diego, CA

"I've seen Clark do some pretty off the wall stuff when he trains his clients at the gym I manage, and to be honest, I wondered if a lot of what he did worked. One day I decided to train with him and I'm happy I did. The techniques he taught me, on exercises I was already doing, changed things tremendously. I'm no longer a skeptic."

Kyle, Escondido, CA

g"Clark is truly one of a kind, his expertise, passion and willingness to go the extra mile are rare these days. I've been in the gym with him and it's amazing to see the magnetism he has with people. Young, old, fat, skinny, or overly buff all seem to approach Clark with questions and he ALWAYS stops what he is doing to help. I've seen him counsel people on the net, and phone who don't even live in California and he still has the ability to unlock that missing element in those seeking his guidance..even if they are 3,000 miles away."


"I've throughly looked through Clark's Lose 5 Pounds in 5 Days Program and I must admit it is sound. In today's fitness circles too many "experts" try to invent these proprietary programs that are full of non-sense and hype. What is refreshing about Clark's approach here is that it is time honored, basic, common sense information presented clearly so that even the most novice person can use it. That is truly the key to helping people succeed and maintain results. No Hype, No Over promising, No BS, just real solid information that works. Bravo Clark!"

~ Dr. Young, Reseda, Ca.