Join TLC and you become part of a large and growing organization of people who value health and success.

New people become attached to you when you personally enroll them, when someone you sponsor enrolls them, or when they enroll through any other sponsor!

This single line creates two important volumes:

  1. Group Volume includes everyone you personally enroll and everyone those people enroll. You earn commissions on up to 9 levels of your group volume.

  2. Team Volume includes everyone who enrolls after you. This allows you to get paid on the volume of the entire company, no matter what your position is on the line.

Earn money five different ways.
TLC has one of the most generous compensation plans available from a home-based business. The harder you work, the more it will pay off for you.

  1. Customer Bonus
    Earn 50% on orders from your direct customers.

  2. Fast Start Bonus
    Earn 50% on the first order from your direct distributors

  3. Group Volume Bonus
    Earn more from your group volume up to 9 levels deep! You get a certain percentage from each level, carefully calculated to maximize your earning potential as shown in the chart below.

  4. Team Volume Bonus Pools
    Share in up to 15 bonus pools and get paid on the entire company volume

  5. Team Volume Bonus Pool Matching Bonus
    Earn a 25% Matching Bonus on the Team Volume Bonus Pools paid down four Generations. This plan truly rewards you for helping your team succeed.