Our cartridges are a manufactured product.  We may use a recycled toner cartridge body; however, that is the extent of the recycling. We take the cartridge body disassemble the old contents and discard them into barrels which will be shipped to formal recycling firms when filled. We then sterilize the cartridge body, and start the manufacturing process for a new cartridge. All components in our cartridge are new extended life components, not recycled. Subsequently, our customers receive a high quality manufactured printer supply item, equal to or better than OEM in quality, durability, and longevity. And our price is great!  Try our products and we think you’ll agree.
Here is more on the subject: The Environmental Benefits of Buying Premium Compatible Protecting and caring for the environment is important to us. As part of an industry that focuses on utilizing recycled materials, we are proud to produce a product that is both environmentally friendly and cost effective. The environmental impact of choosing remanufactured toner and inkjet cartridges is substantial. The typical used toner cartridge weighs about three pounds and is composed of 40% plastic, 40% metal, and smaller percentages of rubber, paper, foam and toner. About 97% of these combined components can be recycled. Approximately 120 million tons of recyclable material can be diverted from landfills each year just by participating in cartridge recycling programs. The alternative is detrimental. The plastic used in a typical cartridge is made of engineering-grade polymers and takes at least 1,000 years to decompose. Additionally, the process required to make a new OEM cartridge requires the burning of fossil fuel (oil or natural gas). Approximately, three quarts of oil are burned to make each new cartridge shell. Multiply this by the thousands of cartridges provided by us each year, and it's easy to see what a difference we make to our community and our planet. Remanufacturing saves money, minimizes waste, conserves energy, prevents pollution and is economically efficient. We are proud of the positive impact it has on the environment.  (Statistics taken from Recharger Magazine.)
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